My wife and I each have over 28 years experience with antiques, collectibles, fine art, jewelry and quality household items.  We started doing this professionally while living in England in the mid 1980’s.  We dealt with auction houses, antique shops and shows.

A Brit and 3 Yanks Estate Sales Staff
A Brit & 3 Yanks Estate Sales Staff

We are fully licensed and insured.  We are fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado with an A+ rating.

We have the reputation for conducting the best organized estate sales in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area.  We are also known for having the most knowledgeable, helpful and friendliest staff of any estate sale company.

We consistently realize much higher prices for many of the items within the estate plus the overall total than what our clients thought.  We have been told by many of our clients that they were pleasantly surprised by the amount of money we made for them.

Our Friendly StaffWe have extensive experience in all aspects of downsizing, moving and estate sales.

Our professional expertise is of special importance when you must deal with the loss of a loved one.  We can make the difficult process much easier for you by conducting the liquidation sale of those items that you would be unable to do.

We have conducted sales in Elizabeth Colorado, Monument and all areas of Colorado Springs.

Remember when you decide you need to sell the estate of a loved one, you need to hire experienced professionals like us.  We will do the work and make those difficult decisions for you.