Getting Started

When you contact us we will set up a no cost consultation appointment to discuss your estate service needs.  We will ask you to remove, or at least identify, the items you wish to keep.  Beyond that, we ask that you do not dispose of anything until we meet with you. An item does not have to be an antique to have value and we are experts in identifying those items.  We have had many very successful estate sales that did not contain any antiques.

Ken and SueDuring our initial meeting, we will sit down with you and explain how we set up and conduct the sale.  We provide photos of past sales so that you know how we will be arranging the items in your home.  We will also show you examples of the various advertising we use.

We will also discuss what we charge to conduct the sale.  We charge a percentage of the total gross sales plus various fees.  These fees are dependent upon the amount of work necessary to get your sale ready.  All costs and fees are taken out of the sale proceeds so you do not have any up front ‘out of pocket’ expenses.

We will discuss any condition problems of the items in your estate that could affect the sale value of those items.

Contracting With Us

We provide you an easy to understand contract that lists all the legal details of the estate sale, such as:

  • the address and dates of the sale
  • proof that you have the authority to contract with us
  • our commission percentage
  • amounts of any fees
  • settlement date information
  • any other info required to legally cover all parties concerned

Preparing For Your Sale

We price your items so that we get the best value for you but at the same time liquidate as much of the estate as possible.  Our 28 years of experience with antiques, collectibles, fine art, jewelry, and quality household items ensures that we will obtain the best total dollar amount for your estate.  We individually price all of your items and provide locked display cases for your small valuables.

We advertise your sale in local and area newspapers.  We have over 1,000 customers on our email list that receive notices of all upcoming sales.  We also have a large list of customers that receive post card notices.  Additionally, we distribute flyers and photos at local antique shows and at the areas largest antique mall.

Sale Day

On the sale days we have great signage at important locations to help guide potential customers to your sale.

Sale Banner

Sale Day Banner

 In addition, we display a 6′ x 3′ red, white and blue banner with “A Brit & 3 Yanks Estate Sale Here Today” in front of the home along with American and British flags.

Post Sale Processes

Since there are always items unsold at any sale, it is your decision as to the final disposition.  We can make arrangements for a charity to come in and remove these items and furnish a signed donation slip in your family name.